Gender Change

Gender Identity Change Genital Reconstruction
Before sex reassignment surgery, the person’s psychological and physiological condition must be healthy. For this reason, it is generally recommended to receive psychological support. So much so that it is a complex issue how to define the person after the surgery, how to call him and what he will encounter in the legal process. Sexual gender reassignment surgeries are performed on people with a sexual identity disorder. In these, the anatomical gender and the gender they feel are different from each other. Gender reassignment surgery is of two types. The first is gender reassignment from male to female. The second is gender reassignment from female to male.
Gender reassignment from male to female

  • breast enlargement; In this process, which begins with hormone therapy, breast augmentation aesthetics are usually also applied.
  • Genital reconstruction; These are the processes of creating the clitoris, labia minora, vulva, shortening the urethra, creating the vagina in a way that allows for intercourse.
  • Making the male structure feminine with facial aesthetics; nose aesthetics, lip and cheek fillings, chin reduction and Adam’s apple reduction.
  • vocal cord surgery; It is applied when voice therapy cannot be pronounced in the desired tone.

Gender reassignment from female to male

  • mastectomy; It is applied to obtain a flat thoracic structure.
  • hysterectomy; It is performed with the aim of not using testosterone for a long time. It also prevents menstrual bleeding.
  • Genital reconstruction; It includes removing the vagina, stretching the urethra, placing a penis large enough for intercourse. At the same time, it is the application of testicular implants that provides the desired aesthetic appearance.

Today this application, which is performed using modern technological devices, needs a certain healing process. In addition, obtaining official documents and approvals as long as the operation also requires a certain process. You will need to take care of the paperwork and approval process and get approval for a period of six to eight months. Subsequently, with the approval of the operation, the necessary studies are carried out by industry experts.